Patent Number: 6,309,285

Title: Magnetic wiper

Abstract: A magnetic wiper for removing magnetorheological fluid from a carriersurface includes a horseshoe magnet having north and south polepieceselongated in a first direction orthogonal to a second direction ofmagnetic flux in the magnet. The polepieces are generally parallel attheir free ends in the first direction and are preferably arcuate suchthat the inner polepiece forms a trough for receiving magnetorheologicalfluid removed from the carrier surface and conveying it to an exit tube.The free ends are shaped to conform closely to the shape of the carriersurface, forming a narrow gap therebetween containing a magnetic fringingfield extending beyond the free ends. Magnetorheological fluid conveyedinto the gap by the carrier surface is magnetically stiffened to a verystiff paste which is retained in the gap by the fringing field, forming adynamic liquid seal such that additional magnetorheological fluid carriedby the carrier surface is wiped away from the surface and into the troughformed by the inner polepiece. Thus, the magnet forms an effective removerof magnetorheological fluid from the carrier surface without anymechanical contact with the surface.

Inventors: Kordonski; William (Webster, NY), Gorodkin; Gennadi (Minak, BY), Hogan; Stephen (Rush, NY), Sekeres; Arpad (Rochester, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013