Patent Number: 6,309,297

Title: Register assembly for covering an air duct opening

Abstract: A register assembly for covering an air duct opening is comprised of afaceplate, a base, a damper mechanism and a filter frame that are easilyassembled together. Most if not all of the component parts may beconstructed of plastic reducing the manufacturing cost of the registerassembly. The faceplate can be snapped onto the base or manually removedfrom the base without the use of fasteners or tools. The faceplate isreplaceable, allowing the use of various ornamental designs of thefaceplate grid on the same base containing the damper mechanism and filterframe. The filter frame is easily removed from the base to allowreplacement or cleaning of the filter materials supported in the frame.

Inventors: Berger; Brian K. (Ballwin, MO)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013