Patent Number: 6,309,298

Title: Method, apparatus and gaming set for use in a progressive game

Abstract: A pull-tab gaming set, a progressive pull-tab gaming system and a method ofoperating a progressive pull-tab game. The gaming set includes a pluralityof pull-tab cards, each card having a front portion, a back portion and aselectively revealable gaming section. The gaming section contains indiciaof a redemption value of the card which is unascertainable until thegaming section is revealed. There are preferably at least three classes ofpull-tab cards in the gaming set in the form of winners having indicia ofa fixed non-zero value, losers having indicia of a zero value and at leastone jackpot card with indicia of an undetermined total value. Theprogressive pull-tab card game system includes a pull-tab dispensing unit,configured to dispense pull-tab cards, a jackpot display, and a controlsystem operatively connected to the dispensing unit to monitor thequantity of pull-tab cards dispensed. The control system is configured tocompute a jackpot value dependent on that quantity and operativelyconnected to the jackpot display to cause it to display the computedjackpot value as pull-tab cards are dispensed.

Inventors: Gerow; Jay E. (Bothell, WA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013