Patent Number: 6,309,306

Title: Interactive entertainment attraction using telepresence vehicles

Abstract: An entertainment attraction (100) comprises remote-controlled, telepresencevehicles (204) and an environment (200) for the vehicles to traverse. Theenvironment includes a plurality of reconfigurable portions (206). Avehicle includes an identification device (208) for providing anidentifier and a camera (210) for imaging its field of view. A driverconsole (102) corresponding to a vehicle includes a monitor (212) fordisplaying the imaged field of view of the camera and a control device(214) for providing a driver-initiated control signal. A control system(218) includes detectors (220) dispersed about the environment. A detectoris configured to receive the identifier or to sense the vehicle or both.The control system composes the interactions among the vehicles, thedriver console, and the reconfigurable portions according to the receivedidentifier, the sensing of the vehicle, or the driver-initiated controlsignal or some combination thereof.

Inventors: Geagley; Bradley K. (Los Angeles, CA), Garlington; Joseph O. (LaCrescenta, CA), Hagen-Brenner; John T. (Van Nuys, CA), Nadler; Gary J. (Marlboro, NJ), Redmann; William G. (Oak Park, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013