Patent Number: 6,309,315

Title: Golf tee marking system and method of use

Abstract: The present invention involves a golf tee coated with colored coatings thatwhen struck with a golf club leave a marking that easily identifies wherethe ball was struck on the club face and the path of the swing, but doesnot come off in normal handling. The tee leaves a multi-colored marking onthe club face that is used to show the swing path of a golfer's swing andthe point of impact of the tee on the face of the golf club. The tee has acenter line or mark that represents the middle, which establishes theoptimum hitting area. This line or mark is also an indicator for thegolfer to line up in the direction they are trying to hit the ball. Oneither side of this colored line or mark is a different color thatindicates the swing path when shown on the club face.

Inventors: Adams; Thomas H. (Rancho Santa Fe, CA), Adams; Thomas M. (Encinitas, CA), Adams; Christopher R. (Mission Viejo, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013