Patent Number: 6,309,320

Title: Direct housing mount of electromagnet

Abstract: An electrically actuated limited slip axle assembly for transferring torqueincluding a housing, a clutch, a casing and an electromagnet fixedlymounted to the housing. The casing is rotatably supported on bearingswithin the housing. The clutch is activated in response to energization ofthe electromagnet to transfer torque. In a first embodiment theelectromagnet is coupled to a cup portion of the bearing, whereby theelectromagnet is fixedly mounted to the housing via the bearing. In asecond embodiment of the axle assembly includes a bearing spacer providingthe fixed mount between the housing and the electromagnet.

Inventors: Forrest; James L. (Ashley, IN), Leeper; Robert (Fort Wayne, IN)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013