Patent Number: 6,309,325

Title: Method and apparatus for operating a clutch in an automated mechanicaltransmission

Abstract: An apparatus and method for performing a kiss point determining algorithmwhich is responsive to the approach rate of the release bearing of aclutch for performing the algorithm only under reliable operatingconditions. The apparatus includes an electronic controller which sets anapproach rate for engaging the clutch in response to the amount ofdepression of the accelerator pedal of the vehicle by the operator. Theamount of engine torque or other engine operating condition is measuredand compared against a predetermined magnitude which is indicative of theonset of engagement of the clutch. When an increase of a predeterminedmagnitude is detected, the accelerator pedal position is compared againsta predetermined value. If the accelerator pedal is depressed more than thepredetermined value, the kiss point is re-defined as the current locationof the release bearing. If the accelerator pedal is not depressed morethan the predetermined value, the kiss point is not re-defined.

Inventors: Baer; Kurt R. (Toledo, OH), Patel; Anand C. (Sylvania, OH), Wheeler; James A. (Perrysburg, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013