Patent Number: 6,309,344

Title: Male erection enhancer and sustainer

Abstract: A penile erection enhancing and sustaining device is for assisting in obtaining and maintaining an erection for men suffering with ED. This inexpensive constrictor can be quickly applied, easily adjusted and instantaneously released when desired. It is used to restrain the flow of blood from the penis during copulation. A Velcro.RTM. hook and loop fastener of sufficient length attached on opposite ends of a broad rubber strip adapts the constrictor to varying penis sizes. The broadness of the constrictor avoids the localized pressure caused by narrow rings and compresses and decreases the interior volume of erectile tissue within the penis thus increasing the pressure of the available blood. The preferred positioning the broad rubber strip is to encircle the penis at its base between the testicle and the body providing firm positioning and makes it relatively inconspicuous and unlikely to come in contact with the partner. The quick release permits unrestricted ejaculation, and to avoid disruption of concentration of the act, removal at the time of release is not necessary. The long lasting materials of the constrictor are hypoallergenic and washable with unlimited reusability. It can be used in conjunction with the vacuum pump, substituting it for the narrow rings that are not releasable, and can also be used in conjunction with Viagra.RTM. users when the one-hour waiting period is inconvenient. There is no need for expensive doctor appointments, surgery, shots, pills, or prescriptions.

Inventors: Werner; Glen F. (Murray, UT)


International Classification: A61F 5/41 (20060101); A61F 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018