Patent Number: 6,309,353

Title: Methods and apparatus for tumor diagnosis

Abstract: Method and apparatus for extraction of breast tumors from three-dimensional ultrasonic images obtained by interpolation of a series of cross sectional images. The method consists of two stages are disclosed. In the first stage a membership function is automatically generated by using an output of three dimensional LoG(Laplace of Gaussian) filtering for the voxel data. In the second stage, the membership function is used for a fuzzy logic based calculation to produce three grades of the voxel attributable to three classes of "tumor", "normal tissue" and "boundary". We then classify each voxel as one of the three classes by relaxation techniques. Also, a parameter for evaluation of the uneven complexity of the surface roughness using a ratio of the surface area over the volume is defined.

Inventors: Cheng; Xiangyong (Ishikawa, JP), Akiyama; Iwaki (Kanagawa, JP), Itoh; Kouichi (Tochigi, JP)

Assignee: Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd.

International Classification: A61B 8/14 (20060101); A61B 008/01 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018