Patent Number: 6,309,387

Title: Systems and methods for electrosurgical skin resurfacing

Abstract: Systems and methods are provided for selectively applying electrical energyto a target location on an external body surface, such as skin tissueremoval and/or collagen shrinkage in the epidermis or dermis, e.g., theremoval of pigmentations, vascular lesions (e.g., leg veins), scars,tattoos, etc., and for other surgical procedures on the skin, such astissue rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery, wrinkle removal, hair removaland/or transplant procedures. The present invention applies high frequency(RF) electrical energy to one or more electrode terminals adjacent anexternal body surface, such as the outer surface of the skin, to removeand/or modify the structure of tissue structures within the skin.Depending on the specific cosmetic procedure, the present invention may beused to: (1) volumetrically remove tissue or hair (i.e., ablate or effectmolecular dissociation of the tissue structure); (2) separate a tissuelayer from an underlying tissue layer so that the tissue layer can beremoved; (3) shrink or contract collagen connective tissue; and/or (4)coagulate blood vessels underlying the surface of the skin.

Inventors: Eggers; Philip E. (Dublin, OH), Thapliyal; Hira V. (Los Altos, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013