Patent Number: 6,309,388

Title: Symmetric conization electrocautery device

Abstract: The present invention goes to a tissue electrocautery device thataccommodates anatomical structures lying at more than one longitudinalaxes. Such a circumstance is encountered when attempting to performsymmetric tissue electrocautery of an endocervical canal where thelongitudinal axis of the vaginal vault is at an angle to the longitudinalaxis of the endocervical canal. The device of the present invention uses ahollow housing, elongate along a first longitudinal axis, having aproximal portion with a proximal end and a distal end, and includes adistal portion from the distal end. The distal portion is elongate along asecond longitudinal axis and pivotable in relation to the proximal portionat a selectable angle to the first longitudinal axis. Within the housingis a rotatable electrically conducting mechanism, adapted to conductelectrocautery energy from an electrode proximal to the housing proximalportion to a coupling proximate the distal portion, while rotating thecoupling with a removable handle proximal to the housing proximal portion.The electrical energy is delivered to an electrocautery head, carrying anelectrocautery wire, operably electrically engageable with the couplingand rotatable around a longitudinal axis parallel the second longitudinalaxis, electrocauterizing tissue of a human patient while rotating aroundits longitudinal axis.

Inventors: Fowler; Robert Stuart (Scottsdale, AZ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013