Patent Number: 6,309,417

Title: Heart valve and apparatus for replacement thereof

Abstract: Apparatus and methods for replacing a heart valve within a vessel. The apparatus includes a replacement heart valve and a plurality of commisure stabilizers connected to the commisures of the heart valve in a removable manner. The commisure stabilizers position and stabilize the commisures in the proper positions as the replacement heart valve is secured within the vessel. The commisure stabilizers may be removed following securement of the replacement heart valve within the vessel. An expansion or retraction device of the invention assists in properly positioning the valve within the vessel.

Inventors: Spence; Paul A. (Louisville, KY), Ortiz; Mark (Milford, OH)

Assignee: Spence; Paul A.

International Classification: A61F 2/24 (20060101); A61N 1/05 (20060101); A61F 002/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018