Patent Number: 6,309,419

Title: Tympanic membrane prosthesis with mechanical fixation

Abstract: A tympanic membrane prosthesis is provided that includes, in combination, a generally flat, planar membrane sized to overlay a tear or perforation in the tympanic membrane and having at least one preformed perforation, and at least one mechanical fixation device for fixing the membrane to the tympanic membrane of a patient. Each mechanical fixation device is a tack component including a sharp, piercing distal end, an enlarged proximal end and a shaft extending therebetween. A tack insertion device is provided to guide the tack to and through the tear covering membrane.

Inventors: de Juan, Jr.; Eugene (Phoenix, MD), Rader; R. Scott (Guilford, CT), Shelley; Terry H. (Hampstead, MD), Lamborne; Andrew N. (Denver, CO), Walsh; Alexander C. (Hunt Valley, MD), Niparko; John K. (Glenarm, MD)

Assignee: Johns Hopkins University

International Classification: A61F 2/18 (20060101); A61F 002/18 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018