Patent Number: 6,309,426

Title: Hair coloring compositions

Abstract: A hair coloring composition present in a single package suitable for direct application to the hair wherein the hair coloring mixture comprises: a) an oxidising agent; and b) an oxidative hair coloring agent; and wherein the combined mixture of a) and b) has a pH in the range of from about 1 to about 5 and wherein the resultant color delivered to the hair (Delta E), after at least about 1 month of storage at room temperature, is up to about 75%, preferably up to about 85%, more preferably up to about 90% and most preferably up to about 95% of the total color delivered to the hair (Delta E) from a mixture of a) and b) on application. The products are storage stable, re-usable and can provide both excellent hair coloring and in-use efficacy benefits as well as improved color development potential after storage at room temperature.

Inventors: Dias; Louis Carlos (Weybridge, GB), Dunbar; James Charles (Weybridge, GB), Pratt; Dominic (Kingson Upon Thames, GB)

Assignee: The Procter & Gamble Company

International Classification: A61K 007/13 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018