Patent Number: 6,309,430

Title: Alternative fuel

Abstract: A spark ignition motor fuel composition consisting essentially of: ahydrocarbon component containing one or more hydrocarbons selected fromfive to eight carbon atoms straight-chained or branched alkanes, whereinthe hydrocarbon component has a minimum anti-knock index of 65 as measuredby ASTM D-2699 and D-2700 and a maximum dry vapor pressure equivalent(DVPE) of 15 psi (one atmosphere (atm.)) as measured by ASTM D-5191; afuel grade alcohol; and a co-solvent for the hydrocarbon component and thefuel grade alcohol; wherein the hydrocarbon component, the fuel gradealcohol and the co-solvent are present in amounts selected to provide amotor fuel with a minimum anti-knock index of 87 as measured by ASTMD-2699 and D-2700, and a maximum DVPE of 15 psi (1 atm.) as measured byASTM D-5191, and wherein the fuel composition is essentially free ofolefins, aromatics, and sulfur. A method for lowering the vapor pressureof a hydrocarbon-alcohol blend by adding a co-solvent for the hydrocarbonand the alcohol to the blend is also disclosed.

Inventors: Paul; Stephen F. (Princeton, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013