Patent Number: 6,309,441

Title: Reduction-melting process to form rare earth-transition metal alloys andthe alloys

Abstract: Rare earth alloy compositions, such as the neodymium iron boron (NdFeB)alloy are made by a Reduction-Melting process. The Reduction-Meltingprocess comprises preparing a primary electrode containing at least onecompound or metal to be reduced to form a refined metal or metal alloyingot; placing the electrode in an electroslag refining furnace; passing acurrent through the electrode into a molten flux or slag to melt theelectrode; reducing the metal or compound in the slag while forming anoxide by-product; collecting melted metal or metal alloy droplets fallingthrough the slag; forming an ingot of the metal or metal alloy from themelted droplets; and collecting the solid oxide byproducts in the slag.

Inventors: Benz; Mark Gilbert (Burnt Hills, NY), Zabala; Robert John (Schenectady, NY), Radchenko; Vladimir Nikolayevich (New York, NY), Riabtsev; Anatoly Danilovich (Makeevka, UA), Tarlov; Oleg Vladimirovich (Donetsk, UA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013