Patent Number: 6,309,457

Title: Cement-Based Self-Leveling Composition

Abstract: The present invention relates to a self-leveling composition for floor toppings, characterized in that it is based on Portland cement or on cement mix CM II or CM III, and in that it further comprises at least sand, water and at least one plasticizer which is a water-soluble or water-dispersible organic compound (I) containing at least one aminodi(alkylenephosphonic) group and at least one polyoxyalkyl chain, or at least one salt of compound (I).

Inventors: Guerinet; Jean-Paul (Compiegne, FR), Mosquet; Martin (Dandonville, FR), Bosc; Francois (Dammarie-les-Lys, FR), Chappuis; Jacques (Frontonas, FR)

Assignee: Lafarge S.A.

International Classification: C04B 28/00 (20060101); C04B 24/00 (20060101); C04B 24/32 (20060101); C04B 28/02 (20060101); C04B 024/00 (); C04B 028/02 (); E04F 015/12 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018