Patent Number: 6,309,459

Title: Compound semiconductor element and its manufacturing method

Abstract: A compound semiconductor light emitting element has a unique SCH structurehaving InGaN graded layers with a gradiunt in content of In interposedbetween an InGaN active layer and AlGaN cladding layers to ensure a goodcrystallographic property of the active layer, to maintain and heterointerfaces on and above the active layer in a good condition and toprevent fluctuation in thickness of the active layer, so that a compoundsemiconductor light emitting element with a high emission efficiency andreliability or a laser element with a high slope efficiency andreliability be obtained. The InGaN graded layers with gradually changed Incompositions can be made by increasing or decreasing the temperature whilemaintaining the supply amount or the ratio of the In source materialrelative to the supply amount of the other group III source materials in aconstant value.

Inventors: Yuge; Shozo (Chigasaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013