Patent Number: 6,309,483

Title: Method and device for eliminating strip vibration in zones into which gasis blown, particularly cooling zones

Abstract: Method for eliminating vibration of strip travelling continuously throughzones of a heat treatment or coating line in which gas is blown onto astrip travelling continuously, particularly through devices which effectcooling by blowing gas in jets with which the lines for the continuousheat treatment or coating of metal strip are equipped, characterized inthat this method consists in adjusting the pressure and/or the flow rateof the cooling gas to a value lower than the nominal value in a zonelocated at one edge of the strip, on one side thereof, and to a valuelower than the nominal value on the opposite edge, located on the otherside of the strip.

Inventors: Wang; Robert (Wissous, FR), Mignard; Fran.cedilla.ois (Mennecy, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013