Patent Number: 6,309,499

Title: Process and a aparatus for production of multilayer trim elements for vehicles

Abstract: Panels and elements for vehicle interiors are obtained by co-extrusion or co-lamination of a layer (10a) of themoplastic support material containing a reinforcement filler with a layer (9a) of thermoplastic covering material containing an amorphous thermoplastic and by thermoforming the resulting sheets in a press.

Inventors: Mascia; Francesco (Guanzate, IT), Puppi; Cristiano (Guanzate, IT)

Assignee: Johnson Control S.p.A.

International Classification: B29C 51/00 (20060101); B29C 51/02 (20060101); B60R 13/02 (20060101); B29C 51/14 (20060101); B29C 51/08 (20060101); B32B 031/30 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018