Patent Number: 6,309,502

Title: Conductive epoxy resin compositions, anisotropically conductive adhesive films and electrical connecting methods

Abstract: To produce a conductive epoxy resin composition with improvement in the characteristics of rapid-curability, heat resistance and moisture resistance, adhesion reliability, storage properties and low-temperature curability that can be used effectively for production of conductive adhesive films. The conductive epoxy resin composition comprises an alicyclic epoxy resin, optional diols, a styrenic thermoplastic elastomer with an epoxy group in the molecule, an ultraviolet activated cationic polymerization catalyst, an optional tackifier having an aromatic ring in the molecule, and conductive particles.

Inventors: Hiroshige; Yuji (Tokyo, JP), Ito; Koji (Ebina, JP)

Assignee: 3M Innovative Properties Company

International Classification: C08G 59/68 (20060101); C08G 59/32 (20060101); C08L 63/00 (20060101); C08G 59/00 (20060101); H01R 4/04 (20060101); H01R 4/00 (20060101); H05K 3/32 (20060101); C08G 059/100 (); C09J 009/02 (); H05K 003/30 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018