Patent Number: 6,309,512

Title: Device for impulse-pressing a web

Abstract: A press section in a machine for manufacturing a web of fibrous material, comprising a shoe press with extended press nip, the shoe press having a counter roll with a cylindrical press body; a press shoe with a concave surface for cooperation with the press body; an impermeable belt running through the press nip in sliding contact with the press shoe; a clothing running in a loop around guide rolls and through the press nip in contact with the web, and being capable of receiving and carrying liquid along with it; a movable heat transfer means for continuous transfer of heat to the web in the extended press nip; and a heat source for heating the heat transfer means. According to the invention the counter roll comprises a sleeve that forms the heat transfer means and encloses the press body. The invention also relates to a shoe press, a press section with a roll press, and treatment sections with roll and shoe calendars with sleeves of the type described.

Inventors: Bengtsson; Jan Martin (Karlstad, SE), Brox; Erik (Forshaga, SE), Helgesson; Leif Erik (Karlstad, SE), Jansson; Kjell Sune Evald (Forshaga, SE), Kilian; Anna Malin Katarina (Karlstad, SE), Nicander; Jan Wilhelm (Karlstad, SE), Safman; Nils-Erik (Karlstad, SE), Tornqvist; Kenth Roger (Karlstad, SE)

Assignee: Valmet Karlstad AB

International Classification: D21F 3/02 (20060101); D21F 003/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018