Patent Number: 6,309,532

Title: Method and apparatus for capacitive deionization and electrochemicalpurification and regeneration of electrodes

Abstract: An electrically regeneratable electrochemical cell (30) for capacitivedeionization and electrochemical purification and regeneration ofelectrodes includes two end plates (31, 32), one at each end of the cell(30). A new regeneration method is applied to the cell (30) which includesslowing or stopping the purification cycle, electrically desorbingcontaminants and removing the desorbed contaminants. The cell (30) furtherincludes a plurality of generally identical double-sided intermediateelectrodes (37-43) that are equidistally separated from each other,between the two end electrodes (35, 36). As the electrolyte enters thecell, it flows through a continuous open serpentine channel (65-71)defined by the electrodes, substantially parallel to the surfaces of theelectrodes. By polarizing the cell (30), ions are removed from theelectrolyte and are held in the electric double layers formed at thecarbon aerogel surfaces of the electrodes. The cell (30) is regeneratedelectrically to desorb such previously removed ions.

Inventors: Tran; Tri D. (Livermore, CA), Farmer; Joseph C. (Tracy, CA), Murguia; Laura (Manteca, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013