Patent Number: 6,309,539

Title: Filtration and subsurface distribution system

Abstract: A filtration and subsurface distribution system having a vaulted splittingdevice (e.g., dosing vault) in a recirculating pump tank. Therecirculating pump tank houses a sand filter pump and the dosing vaulthouses a dosing pump. The dosing vault and the dosing pump may be housedoutside and remote from the recirculating pump tank which ensures thateffluent will not be mixed within the dosing vault. The sand filter pumpdoses a sand filter with the septic effluent via a feed line. The effluentis then filtered by the sand filter and returned to the dosing vault via afiltrate return. When the filtrate reaches a certain predetermined levelwithin the dosing vault, the drip pump is enabled and turned "on". In thismanner, the filtrate is dosed or dripped into a drain absorption fieldwithout mixing with the septic effluent.

Inventors: Mayer; Robert B. (Manassas, VA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013