Patent Number: 6,309,540

Title: Apparatus for separating solids from a liquid

Abstract: An apparatus for separating solids from a liquid includes a housing withtwo spaced-apart side walls, a plurality of parallel looped barriermembers disposed side-by-side between the side walls for trapping solidmatter, a circulating unit, a driving source unit for activating thecirculating unit, and a plurality of moving plates mounted on thecirculating unit and moved by the circulating unit along a looped path.The barrier members are spaced-apart from one another so as to define aplurality of looped pathways among adjacent pairs of the barrier members.Each moving plate extends into and moves along a respective one of thelooped pathways when the driving source unit is activated so as to removethe solid matter from the barrier members.

Inventors: Chang; Jiin-Lung (Yuan-Lin Chen, Changhua Hsien, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013