Patent Number: 6,309,541

Title: Apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification

Abstract: A multiple channel high throughput purification system for purifying aplurality of samples, preferably four or more samples from a chemicallibrary. The high throughput purification uses chromatography, and morepreferably, super critical fluid chromatography. Four parallel channelsare provided in this system and coupled to a common analyzer and computer.The four channels direct the selected sample flow through a separator,such as an SFC column, a detector, such as a UV detector, to detect peakswithin the sample flow, and a micro sample valve that splits a sampling ofthe flow to an analyzer, such as a mass spectrometer. The system alsoutilizes unique back pressure regulator assemblies and pressure reliefassemblies to maintain a selected pressure within the purificationchannel. While the sample flow continues, the mass spectrometersimultaneously analyzes the sampling to determine if a target compound iswithin the sample portion. A fraction collection valve directs sampleportions to one of two fraction collectors such as a microtiter plate. Thepurified target compounds are collected in one microtiter plate and theother non-desirable peaks are collected in a second microtiter plate incorresponding wells. In the supercritical fluid chromatographypurification system, an expansion chamber is provided to condense thevaporous sample flow before the purified compounds are added to theparticular well of the microtiter plate. A fraction collection assembly isused that automates the use of disposable expansion chambers fordepositing the samples in the microtiter plates.

Inventors: Maiefski; Romaine (Ocean Side, CA), Wendell; Don (San Diego, CA), Ripka; William C. (San Diego, CA), Krakover; Jonathan D. (Vista, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013