Patent Number: 6,309,547

Title: Anaerobic treatment process with removal of nonbiodegradable organicmaterial

Abstract: Removal of non-biodegradable organic material from an anaerobic treatmentprocess that employs recycle or retention of anaerobic bacteria increasesthe efficiency of the anaerobic treatment process by removing thenon-biodegradable organic material without removing substantial amounts ofpartially or wholly undigested biodegradable organic material or anaerobicbacteria. The accumulation of inert materials can be minimized, thusallowing for the design of anaerobic treatment process wherein thehydrolysis of the biodegradable organic material can be maximized byfocusing the reactor's design on the kinetics of the conversion of thebiodegradable organic material to gaseous and soluble products.

Inventors: Burke; Dennis A. (Olympia, WA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013