Patent Number: 6,309,561

Title: Liquid crystal compounds having a chiral fluorinated terminal portion

Abstract: Fluorine-containing, chiral liquid crystal compounds comprise (a) a chiralfluorochemical terminal portion comprising (i) at least one chiral center,which can optionally be heteroatom-substituted; (ii) a terminalfluoroalkyl, fluoroether, perfluoroalkyl, or perfluoroether group; and(iii) an alkylene or fluoroalkylene group optionally containing at leastone catenary ether oxygen atom; (b) a chiral or achiral terminal portionconsisting of a hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon ether group, and, when chiral,comprising at least one chiral center, which can optionally beheteroatom-substituted; and (c) a central core connecting the terminalportions; the alkylene or fluoroalkylene group of the chiralfluorochemical terminal portion having at least 3 in-chain atoms and beinglocated between the chiral center of the chiral fluorochemical terminalportion and the central core. The compounds have smectic mesophases orlatent smectic mesophases and are useful, for example, in liquid crystaldisplay devices.

Inventors: Hasegawa; Masakazu (Hachioji, JP), Keyes; Michael P. (Minneapolis, MN), Radcliffe; Marc D. (Newport, MN), Savu; Patricia M. (Maplewood, MN), Snustad; Daniel C. (Woodbury, MN), Spawn; Terence D. (West Lakeland Township, MN)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013