Patent Number: 6,309,565

Title: Formaldehyde-free flame retardant treatment for cellulose-containing materials

Abstract: An aqueous finishing composition for cellulose-containing materials, comprising a hydroxyalkyl-functional organophosphorus flame retardant (which contains a substantially non-volatile component at the curing temperature) and a non-formaldehyde cross-linking agent (such as a polycarboxylic acid cross-linking agent), and the materials treated with such a composition. Optional ingredients for the aqueous finishing composition include a cross-linking catalyst and/or an inexpensive saturated alpha-hydroxy polycarboxylic acid such as citric acid (partial replacement of a more expensive preferred polycarboxylic acid will reduce finishing costs).

Inventors: Stowell; Jeffrey K. (Ramsey, NJ), Weil; Edward D. (New York, NY), Coble; William L. (Burlington, NC), Yang; Charles Q. (Athens, GA)

Assignee: Akzo Nobel NV

International Classification: D06M 15/667 (20060101); D06M 15/21 (20060101); D06M 15/37 (20060101); D06M 15/263 (20060101); D06M 13/207 (20060101); D06M 13/00 (20060101); D06M 13/288 (20060101); D06M 13/192 (20060101); D06M 13/295 (20060101); D06M 13/292 (20060101); C09K 021/12 (); D06M 013/192 (); D06M 013/292 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018