Patent Number: 6,309,586

Title: Use of co-injection molding to produce composite parts including a molded snowboard with metal edges

Abstract: The present invention comprises products of and methods for producing complex shapes of composite molded articles, including snowboards, that meet or exceed the aesthetic, cost and performance requirements expected of similar non-molded composite articles. The injection molded or co-injection molded snowboard comprises a top surface and a bottom surface shaped to provide a center portion, at least one tip or tail portion and edges along the sides of the center portion, wherein the bottom surface is a substantially smooth continuous surface, the center portion is cambered away from the top surface and contains metal edges along the sides of the bottom surface center portion, the tip or tail portions are curved away from the bottom surface of the snowboard and the top surface contains binding mounts or screw threads flush mounted to secure bindings. A preferred method of constructing a snowboard comprises co-injection molding, utilizing a skin polymer with a smooth finish for exterior portions of the snowboard and a core polymer that is lighter, structurally stronger and potentially cheaper than the skin polymer for the interior of the snowboard. A mold cavity is designed for the desired shape of the snowboard. In addition to providing for the shape of the snowboard, the mold cavity is designed to accommodate inserts for side metal edges and clips to secure such edges, if necessary, and inserts for top, flush mounted binding mounts or screw threads as well as the clips to secure such mounts. An additional set of metal components may be embedded within the top surface of the snowboard to compensate for warping away from the bottom metal edges due to the polymer shrink rate. The mold cavity must be designed to accommodate inserts for securing such metal components if such components are utilized.

Inventors: Colley; David (Paradise, CA), McRoskey; Joseph (Solana Beach, CA), Mjelde; Olaf (Valley Center, CA)

Assignee: Jumbo Snowboards, LLC

International Classification: B29C 43/18 (20060101); B29C 45/14 (20060101); B29C 043/02 (); B29C 045/14 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018