Patent Number: 6,309,613

Title: Crystallizing machine

Abstract: A machine for crystallizing a thermoplastic preform or container isconstructed from modular subassemblies and utilizes a preheated plug toprovide the sole upright support for a workpiece in the crystallizingprocess. The first modular subassembly includes the workpiece in-feed andplug preheat structures and incorporates the drive apparatus for theentire machine. The opposed end of the crystallizing machine isconstructed of a subassembly which operates to provide the turnaround andtensioning takeup for the carrier mechanism transporting the workpieces.Positioned between the first subassembly and the opposed end subassemblyare heating and cooling processing modules which can be provided in anynumber depending on the size constraints and workpiece quantity restraintsdesired. The processing modules provide the heating and crystallizingprocesses for the desired area of the workpiece and the cooling process ofthe workpiece prior to unloading.

Inventors: Potter; Terry C. (Lambertville, MI), Hatas; Peter J. (Sylvania, OH), Zhao; Liguo (Toledo, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013