Patent Number: 6,309,614

Title: Method for isolating and purifying 90Y From 90strontium in multi-curiequantities

Abstract: The invention relates to a process for separating and purifying multi-curiequantities .sup.90 Y of sufficient chemical and radiochemical puritysuitable for use in medical applications without a series of .sup.90 Srselective extraction chromatographic columns while minimizing loss ofradioactive .sup.90 Sr parent and waste stream. The process includesdissolving a nitrate salt of an original .sup.90 Sr stock solution inH.sub.2 O creating a strontium nitrate solution; acidifying the strontiumnitrate solution containing .sup.90 Y with concentrated nitric acid;evaporating the strontium nitrate solution; filtering or centrifugingstrontium nitrate solution to separate crystalline .sup.90 Sr nitrate saltfrom the solution; evaporating the remaining .sup.90 Y enriched supernateto dryness; dissolving the remaining .sup.90 Y enriched supernate in astrong acid; passing the solution through an yttrium selective extractionchromatographic column; rinsing the yttrium selective extractionchromatographic column with strong acid; and eluting yttrium from yttriumselective extraction column with strong acid.

Inventors: Horwitz; E. Philip (Naperville, IL), Hines; John J. (Newark, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013