Patent Number: 6,309,657

Title: Cosmetic compositions

Abstract: Disclosed are cosmetic compositions, including lipsticks, comprising from0.01% to about 50%, by weight, of cylindrical crystalline vitamin B.sub.3particles having a particle size distribution such that at least about 70%of the crystalline particles have a height to width ratio greater than 1;from about 1% to about 90%, by weight, of an emollient component; fromabout 1% to about 90%, by weight, of a solidifying agent; and from about1% to about 90%, on an anhydrous basis, of a color. The compositionsprovide improved skin feel of crystalline vitamin B3 compounds whenapplied to skin.

Inventors: Vatter; Michael Lee (Okeana, OH), Jakubovic; David Andrew (Staines, GB)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013