Patent Number: 6,309,663

Title: Triglyceride-free compositions and methods for enhanced absorption ofhydrophilic therapeutic agents

Abstract: The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions,pharmaceutical systems, and methods for enhanced absorption of hydrophilictherapeutic agents. Compositions and systems of the present inventioninclude an absorption enhancing carrier, where the carrier is formed froma combination of at least two surfactants, at least one of which ishydrophilic. A hydrophilic therapeutic agent can be incorporated into thecomposition, or can be co-administered with the composition as part of apharmaceutical system. The invention also provides methods of treatmentwith hydrophilic therapeutic agents using these compositions and systems.

Inventors: Patel; Mahesh V. (Salt Lake City, UT), Chen; Feng-Jing (Salt Lake City, UT)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013