Patent Number: 6,309,669

Title: Therapeutic treatment and prevention of infections with a bioactivematerials encapsulated within a biodegradable-biocompatible polymericmatrix

Abstract: Novel burst-free, sustained release biocompatible and biodegrablemicrocapsules which can be programmed to release their active core forvariable durations ranging from 1-100 days in an aqueous physiologicalenvironment. The microcapsules are comprised of a core of polypeptide orother biologically active agent encapsulated in a matrix ofpoly(lactide/glycolide) copolymer, which may contain apharmaceutically-acceptable adjuvant, as a blend of upcapped free carboxylend group and end-capped forms ranging in ratios from 100/0 to 1/99.

Inventors: Setterstrom; Jean A. (Alpharetta, GA), Van Hamont; John E. (Fort Meade, MD), Reid; Robert H. (McComas, CT), Jacob; Elliot (Silver Spring, MD), Jeyanthi; Ramasubbu (Columbia, MD), Boedeker; Edgar C. (Chevy Chase, MD), McQueen; Charles E. (Olney, MD), Jarboe; Daniel L. (Silver Spring, MD), Cassels; Frederick (Ellicott City, MD), Brown; William (Denver, CO), Thies; Curt (Ballwin, MO), Tice; Thomas R. (Birmington, AL), Roberts; F. Donald (Dover, MA), Friden; Phil (Beford, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013