Patent Number: 6,309,672

Title: Anti-cancer therapy agent of arsenic hexoxide (As4O6) of a natural chemicalsubstance and its pharmaceutical composition

Abstract: This invention is about the identification of the HD-2, a natural chemicalsubstance that was separated and purified from a natural product, Sinsuk,as arsenic hexoxide (As.sub.4 O.sub.6) and about its therapeutic efficacyas an anti-cancer drug and pharmaceutical composition.Arsenic hexoxide (As.sub.4 O.sub.6), a natural chemical substance obtainedfrom Sinsuk after eliminating the toxic property, has a potent anti-cancerefficacy by its direct cytotoxicity on tumor cells and suppresses theformation of new blood vessels of tumor masses, which results in completecure of malignant cancers.

Inventors: Bae; Ill-Ju (Seoul, KR), Kim; Jong-Bae (Pohang, KR), Eun; Choong-Ki (Pusan, KR), Song; Seung-Kyu (Pohang, KR), Suh; Byung-Sun (Pohang, KR), Lee; Kwan-Hee (Pohang, KR), Doo; Myoung-Sool (Pohang, KR), Kwak; Jin-Hwan (Pohang, KR), Song; Byung-Doo (Pohang, KR), Yoon; Taek-Joon (Koyang, KR), Kang; Tae-Bong (Pohang, KR), Park; Choon-Ho (Pohang, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013