Patent Number: 6,309,673

Title: Bicarbonate-based solution in two parts for peritoneal dialysis orsubstitution in continuous renal replacement therapy

Abstract: The present invention provides devices and methods for stabilizingbicarbonate-based solutions for peritoneal dialysis or hemofiltration. Thebicarbonate-based solutions of the present invention are formulated andstored in at least two parts--an alkaline bicarbonate concentrate and anacidic concentrate. The alkaline bicarbonate concentrate is adjusted tohave a pH of about 8.6 to 10.0. The acidic concentrate is adjusted to havea stable, acidic pH ranging from about 1.0 to 3.0. Upon mixing, althoughsome variation in the pH of the mixed bicarbonate solution exists, theinventors have discovered that with the appropriate selection of theparameters of the concentrates, the pH of the mixed solution is alwayswithin an acceptable physiological range.

Inventors: Duponchelle; Annick (Brussels, BE), Faict; Dirk (Assenede, BE), Balteau; Patrick (Bothey, BE), Hartman; Jean-Pierre (Rhode-St-Genese, BE), Martis; Leo (Long Grove, IL), Peluso; Francesco (Heverlee, BE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013