Patent Number: 6,309,678

Title: Process for isolation of hepatoprotective agent silymarin from the seeds ofthe plant Silybum marianum

Abstract: The invention relates to a novel process for the isolation of ahepatoprotective agent Silymarin from the seeds of the plant Silybummarianum comprising (i) Precooling the seeds to (-) C. for 24hours in a deep freezer/cold room. (ii) Powdering the cooled seeds in ahammer mill, fitted with about 40 mesh discharge screen. (iii) Defattingthe seeds by extracting with hexane in a soxhlet type extractor to removethe total quantity of fatty oil without using a scrain. (iv) Extractingthe defatted seeds with acetonitrile at C. to extractsilymarin fraction. (v) Concentration of the sensitive silymarin fractionunder vacuum in a agitated wiped thin film evaporator (vi) stirring thesilymarin such dry powder with cold dichloromethane at C.followed by filtration and drying with a slow purge of nitrogen gas. (vii)Further purification of silymarin by suspending in 5 times its weight ofacetonitrile and precipitating by 8-12 times its weight of water C. (viii) Filtering the precipitated silymarin in a closedvacuum filter and having 1-2 .mu.m screen washing the cake three timeswith distilled water (ix) Drying of Silymarin cake in vacuum oven toobtain substantially pure silymarin.

Inventors: Kahol; Atul Prakash (Lucknow, IN), Singh; Kiran Lata (Lucknow, IN), Tandon; Sudeep (Lucknow, IN), Kumar; Sushil (Lucknow, IN)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013