Patent Number: 6,309,682

Title: Dry lamellar-structure pet food product

Abstract: A food composition, particularly for pets, is prepared by adding and mixingcereal, vegetable protein, animal meal, vegetable by-products and lipidingredients together and extrusion-cooking the mixture and then passingthe extrusion-cooked mixture via a cone member and then a die member toobtain, from the die member, a product wherein a plurality of extrudateband layers form a lamellar structure, after which the lamellar-structureproduct is cut into pieces to obtain pieces which have a band layerlamellar structure, and then, the pieces are dried. The ingredients areemployed and the process is carried out so that the dried product has aprotein content of between 14% and 35%, a lipid content of between 2% and20%, a carbohydrate content of at least 25%, a moisture content of between2% and 15% and a density of between 0.3 and 0.6 g/cc.

Inventors: Janot; Denis (Fouilloy, FR), Martin; Thierry (Amiens, FR), Toppano; Marco (Lagny sur Marne, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013