Patent Number: 6,309,699

Title: Method of producing a metallic part exhibiting excellent oxidationresistance

Abstract: The invention provides a method of producing an oxidation-resistantmetallic part which exhibits oxidation resistance even in an oxidationatmosphere. The method includes the step of applying mechanical energy toa surface of a metallic part in the presence of particulates, and forminga protective coating in a surface of the metallic part. When the metallicpart thus treated is exposed in a high temperature-oxidation atmosphere,the protective coating is oxidized to restrain the proceeding of theoxidation of the metallic part, that is the internally proceedingformation of TiO.sub.2, thus serving a remarkable improvement of theoxidation resistance.

Inventors: Kawaura; Hiroyuki (Aichi, JP), Kawahara; Hiroshi (Aichi, JP), Saito; Takashi (Aichi, JP), Nishino; Kazuaki (Aichi, JP), Matsumoto; Nobuhiko (Aichi, JP), Furuta; Tadahiko (Aichi, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013