Patent Number: 6,309,728

Title: Method for producing optical information-recording medium and opticalinformation-recording medium

Abstract: Disclosed is a method for producing a heat mode type opticalinformation-recording medium having, on a substrate, a dye recording layercapable of recording information by being irradiated with a laser beam,the method comprising the step of applying a dye solution for forming thedye recording layer onto the substrate while rotating the substrate,wherein a period of time, which ranges from a point of time at whichapplication of the dye solution is started to a point of time at which avalve is fully open, is not less than 0.1 second. In order to satisfy thiscondition, the opening degree of a first speed controller is not less than5% and not more than 50%. Accordingly, the opening speed of the valve of avalve apparatus is not less than 5% and not more than 50% with respect tothe maximum speed.

Inventors: Usami; Yoshihisa (Odawara, JP), Itaya; Tomoyoshi (Hamura, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013