Patent Number: 6,309,738

Title: Hard multilayer coated tool having increased toughness

Abstract: A hard multilayer coated tool including: (a) a substrate; and (b) amultilayer coating covering the substrate, the multilayer coatingcomprising first and second coating layers which are alternately laminatedon the substrate, each of the first coating layers having and averagethickness of 0.10-0.50 .mu.m and containing titanium therein, each of thesecond coating layers having and average thickness of 0.10-0.50 .mu.m andcontaining aluminum therein, the multilayer coating having and averagethickness of 0.50-10.0 .mu.m.

Inventors: Sakurai; Masatoshi (Toyokawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013