Patent Number: 6,309,772

Title: Membrane-electrode unit for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and processes for their preparation

Abstract: A membrane-electrode unit for polymer-electrolyte fuel cells. The membrane-electrode unit consists of a polymer electrolyte membrane and porous reaction layers applied to both sides comprising a catalyst and a proton-conducting polymer, a so-called ionomer. The membrane-electrode unit is characterized in that one part A1 of the catalyst of the reaction layers is saturated with the ionomer and is embedded in the ionomer whereas one part A2 of the catalyst is kept free from the ionomer, where the parts A1 and A2 are in a weight ratio of 1:1 to 20:1.

Inventors: Zuber; Ralf (Grossostheim, DE), Fehl; Knut (Schluchtern, DE), Starz; Karl-Anton (Rodenbach, DE), Stenke; Udo (Mainaschaff, DE)

Assignee: Degussa AG

International Classification: H01M 4/92 (20060101); H01M 4/90 (20060101); H01M 8/10 (20060101); H01M 008/10 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018