Patent Number: 6,309,776

Title: Assembled storage battery unit of the collective type

Abstract: An assembled storage battery unit of the collective type includes aplurality of storage batteries assembled as a unit. The storage batterieseach include positive and negative electrodes layered through a separatorand contained in a bottomed parallelepiped battery casing filled withelectrolyte and a closure plate welded to an upper opening end of thebattery casing to seal the interior of the battery casing. The batterycasings each are integrally formed with a plurality of vertical ribsspaced in parallel at one side wall thereof faced to the correspondingside wall of the battery casing adjacent thereto. The vertical ribs ofeach of the battery casings are coupled with the corresponding verticalribs of the battery casing adjacent thereto to form a plurality ofvertical ventilation spaces.

Inventors: Okajima; Hideki (Naruto, JP), Oda; Takashi (Naruto, JP), Ikezoe; Michinori (Itano-gun, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013