Patent Number: 6,309,790

Title: Organic anti-reflective coating material and its preparation

Abstract: Polymers are provided having the following formulas I and II:##STR1####STR2##Polymers of the present invention can be used to provide an anti-reflectivecoating (ARC) material useful for submicrolithography processes using 248nm KrF, 193 nm ArF and 157 nm F.sub.2 lasers. The polymers containchromophore substituents which exhibit sufficient absorbance atwavelengths useful for such submicrolithography process. The ARC preventsback reflection from the surface of or lower layers in the semiconductordevices and solves the problem of the CD being altered by the diffractedand reflected light from such lower layers.

Inventors: Jung; Min-Ho (Gyunggi-do, KR), Hong; Sung-Eun (Gyunggi-do, KR), Baik; Ki-Ho (Gyunggi-do, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013