Patent Number: 6,309,795

Title: Resist composition

Abstract: The invention provides a resist composition which comprises a polymer (a) having structural units with an acid-labile group, and a radiation-sensitive compound (b) which forms an acid upon exposure to activated radiation, wherein the polymer (a) is a polymer obtained by polymerizing 10 to 100 wt. % of a (meth)acrylic ester (i) having, as an alcohol residue, an allyl group with at least two substituent groups and 0 to 90 wt. % of a monomer (ii) copolymerizable with the (meth)acrylic ester, and has excellent sensitivity, resolution and heat resistance, and a pattern forming process making use of the resist composition.

Inventors: Abe; Nobunori (Kanagawa, JP), Takahashi; Nobukazu (Kanagawa, JP)

Assignee: Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G03F 7/039 (20060101); G03F 7/004 (20060101); G03F 007/039 (); G03F 007/004 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018