Patent Number: 6,309,797

Title: Selectively colorable polymerizable compositions

Abstract: Selectively colorable polymerizable compositions and a method for formingselectively colored polymeric bodies using such compositions aredisclosed. In accordance with the invention, a selectively colorablepolymerizable composition comprising both a leucobase color former and aleuconitrile color former is irradiated with light of a particularwavelength and specific intensity for a specified duration. Exposure toactinic radiation cures the composition and activates the color formers.The irradiation dosage can be varied to selectively color the polymericbody whereby the resultant color of any particular area depends on theexposure dose received at that location. By varying the dose, a polymericbody can be prepared having distinctly colored elements at specificlocations.

Inventors: Grinevich; Oleg V. (Bowling Green, OH), Malpert; John H. (Bowling Green, OH), Mejiritski; Alexandre (Bowling Green, OH), Neckers; Douglas C. (Perrysburg, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013