Patent Number: 6,309,811

Title: Color photographic element containing nitrogen heterocycle derivative andinhibitor releasing coupler

Abstract: Disclosed is a color photographic element comprising:a) a first light sensitive silver halide emulsion layer containing acompound with an aromatic bicyclic nitrogen nucleus of which at least onering is six-membered and with two nitrogen ring atoms in each ring andwith at least one N--H bond provided that the ClogP for the compound is atleast 2.0 and less than 7.2; and(b) a second light sensitive silver halide emulsion layer, having aspectral sensitivity different from that of the first light sensitivesilver halide emulsion layer, containing a compound of Formula III:wherein:COUP is a coupler parent group capable of forming a dye upon reaction withan oxidized developer;TIME is a timing group and j is 0,1 or 2; andINH is a mild silver development inhibitor fragment.The invention provides improved color reproduction.

Inventors: Allway; Philip A. (Herts, GB), Friedrich; Louis E. (Rochester, NY), Singer; Stephen P. (Spencerport, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013