Patent Number: 6,309,817

Title: Identification of virulence determinants activators in prokaryoticpathogens

Abstract: Disclosed is a method for identifying activators of a transitionmetal-dependent repressor of virulence gene expression in infectiousprokaryotic pathogens. The method utilizes genetic circuitry thatrepresents the response of a given prokaryote to nutritional stress andthe expression of genes that contribute to the establishment of theinfectious process. The exposure of recombinant cells or a cell-freesystem containing the genetic circuitry to a non-metal ion test substancethat activates the repressor produces a detectable response. The method isapplicable for any prokaryote employing metal ion-dependent repressors toregulate specific gene expression, specifically as it pertains tovirulence determinant expression.

Inventors: Murphy; John R. (Boston, MA), Sun; Li (Oxford, GB)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013