Patent Number: 6,309,823

Title: Arrays of nucleic acid probes for analyzing biotransformation genes andmethods of using the same

Abstract: The invention provides arrays of immobilized probes, and methods employingthe arrays, for detecting mutations in the biotransformation genes, suchas cytochromes P450. For example, one such array comprises four probesets. A first probe set comprises a plurality of probes, each probecomprising a segment of at least three nucleotides exactly complementaryto a subsequence of a reference sequence from a biotransformation gene,the segment including at least one interrogation position complementary toa corresponding nucleotide in the reference sequence. Second, third andfourth probe sets each comprise a corresponding probe for each probe inthe first probe set. The probes in the second, third and fourth probe setsare identical to a sequence comprising the corresponding probe from thefirst probe set or a subsequece of at least three nucleotides thereof thatincludes the at least one interrogation position, except that the at leastone interrogation position is occupied by a different nucleotide in eachof the four corresponding probes from the four probe sets.

Inventors: Cronin; Maureen T. (Los Altos, CA), Miyada; Charles G (San Jose, CA), Hubbell; Earl A. (Los Angeles, CA), Chee; Mark (Palo Alto, CA), Fodor; Stephen P. A. (Palo Alto, CA), Huang; Xiaohua C. (Mountain View, CA), Lipshutz; Robert J. (Palo Alto, CA), Lobban; Peter E. (Mountain View, CA), Morris; MacDonald S. (Felton, CA), Sheldon; Edward L. (San Diego, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013